Dogs brought in to help solve "brazen" rat infestation in south Dublin

One local councillor is concerned about potential health issues for residents

Rats, south Dublin, Clondalkin, Mark Ward,  Kilcronan, Kilmahuddrick, Grange View

Image: Facebook/Lisa Kinsella Colman

Areas overrun with rats in south Dublin are now said to be using dogs in an attempt to solve the problem.

The problem, first reported in April, is still affecting several areas of Clondalkin.

Areas reported affected are Kilcronan, Kilmahuddrick, and the Grange View Place estate.

Local Sinn Féin Councillor Mark Ward says he has big concerns over sightings at Grange View.

He says the issue seems to be around the communal bin storage shed, which is near the canal.

“It’s a communal bin area, and the rats seem to be coming from the canal to these bin sheds,” Councillor Ward told

“They’re brazen as hell – I’ve never seen anything like it”, he added.

The management company for the estate carried out works on Wednesday night and are due to return today.

But an issue also relates to the fact that so many different bodies are involved.

While the management company handles issues on the ground, the environmental health department of the Health Service Executive (HSE) tackles issues of rats near people’s homes.

But the open space between the canal and the estate is the responsibility of Dublin City Council, and the canal itself falls under the jurisdiction of Watrerways Ireland.

Councillor Ward says while the number of rats has increased over the last while, the management company gave been “very responsive and taken preventative measures.“

“During on-site visits I have had to the affected areas, it was noticeable how clean the estates where and how much pride residents had in their area. However this didn’t seem to deter the rats.”

“My concern is that someone could become ill if they came into direct contact with rats.  Rats are not only highly unpleasant but pose a danger to health,” he added.