Raccoon captures world's attention during dramatic US skyscraper climb

The raccoon scaled the 25-storey UBS building in St Paul, Minnesota

Raccoon captures world's attention during dramatic US skyscraper climb

Picture by: Evan Frost/AP/Press Association Images

A raccoon has captured the world's attention after climbing a 25-storey building in the US.

The dramatic ascent happened at the UBS building in St Paul, Minnesota.

The young raccoon grabbed global attention through images and videos captured by local journalists and some of those in the building.

According to reports, the climb began when the animal became stuck on a ledge on a nearby building, apparently spending up to two days without food and water.

Amid attempts to rescue the stranded animal, the frightened raccoon ended up moving to the neighbouring skyscraper - where the real drama began.

Unfortunately, the building's windows couldn't be opened to let the raccoon in to safety - and, following its initial climb, the animal was stuck too high for a rescue.

Live traps were, however, filled with aromatic food on the building's roof in a bid to encourage the raccoon to reach the top.

After reaching the 20th floor, the raccoon spent much of Tuesday afternoon sleeping on a ledge before continuing the perilous climb.

It ultimately reached the top of the 93 metre tall building early Wednesday local time, much to the relief to those who had been glued to the extraordinary climb via the #mprraccoon hashtag.

After reaching the top, the raccoon was taken into the care of the local Wildlife Management Services.

Picture by: Evan Frost/AP/Press Association Images