Pro Life Campaign claims Government is out of touch with electorate on issue of abortion

Enda Kenny has committed to convene a convention to debate the 8th Amendment after the next election

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The Pro Life Campaign has said that the Government is completely out of touch with the electorate when it comes to the issue of abortion.

They say Government ministers who support repealing the 8th Amendment are targeting the most vulnerable members of Irish society.

The campaign believes that changing the Constitution, which provides the right to life for the unborn child, will lead to widescale abortion over time.

Cora Sherlock, Deputy Chairperson of the Pro Life Campaign, says that the holding of a Citizens Convention on the issue however is just for show.

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has committed to convene a convention to debate the 8th Amendment, which provides the right to life of the unborn child, after the next election.

He also said Fine Gael TDs will have a free vote on the matter if it goes to a Dáil vote.

Speaking in the Dáil in December, the Taoiseach said, "if out of that process, taking into account a comprehensive and sensitive analysis, there is a set of options to be considered - if it comes to this House here, the members of this party will have a free vote on that" he said.