Prince Harry takes HIV test live on Facebook

The test was posted live on The Royal Family's official Facebook page

image via Facebook

image via Facebook

Prince Harry took part in a live event on Facebook yesterday, as he underwent a HIV test on the Royal Family's official page.

Just a few weeks after his brother Prince William appeared on the cover of gay publication Attitude Magazine to stand up against homophobic bullying, the next generation of the family continues to reach out and tackle issues that young people around the world are dealing with on a daily basis.

Earlier this year, Newstalk reporter Richard Chambers took two HIV tests for The Pat Kenny Show when it was announced that Pantibar would be providing free HIV testing in the Dublin city centre bar, and you can listen back to that report here.

In a statement on Facebook, the Royal Family said:

HIV rates in the UK continue to rise despite years of progress in treating the illness and one of the biggest factors has been that up to 17% of HIV positive patients are unaware of their status and unintentionally pass on the virus to partners.

Prince Harry believes until everyone feels relaxed about taking HIV tests - whether from high risk groups or not - then tackling the stigma and fear surrounding HIV testing will continue to allow the virus to win.

Next week Prince Harry will continue his work to focus minds on the fight against HIV and AIDS when he attends the World AIDS conference in Durban.

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