Pregnant woman among bodies recovered during Mediterranean operation

The LÉ James Joyce rescued 265 migrants off Libya

Pregnant woman among bodies recovered during Mediterranean operation

Image: Flickr/Irish Defence Forces

The Irish naval vessel, the LÉ James Joyce, has rescued 265 migrants during a search and rescue operation in the Mediterranean.

It followed a request from the Italian Maritime Rescue Co-Ordination Centre.

They were rescued from two rubber vessels north-west of Tripoli on Wednesday morning.

But during the course of the operation, five bodies were recovered - including one heavily pregnant woman.

At 9.20am the James Joyce initially rescued 106 migrants on board the first vessel before moving to a second vessel, which contained 164 migrants.

Image: Flickr/Irish Defence Forces

This boat included several people that were in need of urgent medical attention.

They were taken to the LÉ James Joyce for treatment, which was provided by both Defence Forces medical personnel and the Red Cross.

But one man and four women - one of whom was heavily pregnant - were pronounced dead.

The other migrants are now on board LÉ James Joyce, where they are receiving food, water and medical treatment.

The ship is transferring all the rescued migrants, along with the deceased, to the Italian Navy ITS Bersagliere.

They will then be brought to a designated port of safety.