Police and locals in Australia use wall of wheelie bins in effort to direct crocodile back to water

The croc was spotted basking in a backyard before it decided to move to the front of the house

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Image: Queensland Police

A group of residents in Queensland, Australia had to improvise after a large crocodile showed up in their neighbourhood on New Year's Eve.

The animal was initially spotted in the backyard of a Karumba house at around 6am.

After the croc moved to the front of the house, officers & locals opted to build a wall of wheelie bins to enclose the creature and attempt to direct him back to the water.

The crocodile, however, seemed to have little interest in moving.

In a pun-heavy media release, Queensland Police said: "Officers then made the large scale decision to box him in with hay bales and contain him until wildlife experts from Cairns arrived to relocate him."

According to ABC, the animal was being monitored by environmental officials after it was captured.

The incident was also caught on video: