Pilot fired after video appears to show him drunk in airport

Two airline executives have resigned over the controversy

Indonesian airline Citilink has fired a pilot accused of trying to fly a plane while drunk.

Tekad Purna, 32, reached the cockpit of the Airbus A320 before giving a slurred announcement to passengers, some of whom left the plane and demanded the pilot be replaced.

According to AP, two senior executives have also announced the resignations following the incident, which occurred on a flight from Surbaya to Jakarta on Wednesday.

CCTV footage shows the pilot stumbling through a metal detector and struggling to maintain his balance as he lifts his bag.

President director Albert Burhan said he "committed serious violation of standard operation procedure that endangered passengers."

"We apologise for the discomfort. I have to be responsible for that and therefore I and my production director resign," said Burhan. 

Citilink initially denied Purna was drunk, saying drug and alcohol tests returned negative, but he remains banned from flying until an investigation is completed.