Paternity test proves woman is 'not the daughter of Salvador Dalí'

The artist's remains were exhumed in July to allow DNA samples to be collected

Paternity test proves woman is 'not the daughter of Salvador Dalí'

Salvador Dali. Picture by: Horst Ossinger/DPA/PA Images

A paternity test has shown that a woman is not the daughter of artist Salvador Dalí, the late artist's estate has said.

Spanish TV fortune-teller Maria Pilar Abel Martinez has claimed she was conceived during an affair her mother had with the artist in the 1950s.

Amid Ms Martinez's efforts to have the surrealist artist legally recognised as her father, a judge ruled a paternity test could be carried out to resolve the case.

The remains of the artist - which are buried at the Dalí Theatre and Museum in Figueres in Spain - were exhumed in July to obtain a DNA sample.

However, the results have shown that Ms Martinez is not the biological daughter of Dalí.

In a statement, the Dalí foundation - which looks after the late artist's legacy - said: "This conclusion comes as no surprise to the Foundation, since at no time has there been any evidence of the veracity of an alleged paternity.

"The Foundation is pleased that this report puts an end to an absurd and artificial controversy, and that the figure of Salvador Dalí remains definitively excluded from totally groundless claims."

Dalí died in 1989 at the age 84.

His paintings include The Persistence of Memory - known for its iconic melting clocks - while he also worked in other fields such as film (collaborating with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Buñuel).