Parents return to thank Gardai who helped deliver their baby in an ambulance outside the station

Baby Senan is now 12 weeks old

Parents return to thank Gardai who helped deliver their baby in an ambulance outside the station


The parents of a newborn baby, paid a visit to the Gardai who helped deliver their child in an ambulance outside Carrick-on-Suir Garda Station in April.

Jennifer Power from Ballyneale in Co Tipperary, gave birth to her son Senan outside the Garda Station in the early hours of April 3. 

Four Gardai assisted Jennifer and her husband Jason as they waited for the ambulance to arrive and the proud parents returned to the station last week, to pay tribute to those who came to their aid.

Ms Power told The Nationalist,

"I just want to publicly acknowledge what the Gardai did for us. We are really grateful to them," said Jennifer. "I will forever be telling Senan about how he was born. We will always have that connection wih them. I feel the Gardai don't get enough public acknowledgement for the good they do."

In describing the events that led to Senan's dramatic arrival into the world, Jennifer added that she awake shortly after 2am and discovered that her waters had broken.

She left for Waterford University Hospital along with husband Jason and went into labour while in the car. The parents of Clodagh and Fionn, had previously suffered the heartbreaking loss of their daughter Réaltín, who was stillborn at six months, meaning Jennifer was feeling especially anxious about her fourth pregnancy.

Jason contacted a midwife at the hospital, who told them to call for an ambulance to come and meet them as it was unlikely that they were going to get to the hospital on time. 

Jennifer says they were advised to pull in, which is what led them to the Carrick-on-Suir Garda Station.

"We were in Carrick-on-Suir and the GardaSstation came into my head because it's the one place everyone knows and it's right in the middle of the town,” Jennifer recalled. “I said to Jason to pull in there and he did and we were told on the phone the ambulance was on the way; don't panic.

"I was sitting in the front seat of the car and the baby's head was coming out. Jason was in an awful panic. He ran to the Garda Station and banged on the door. We didn't know if anyone would be there and were just lucky there was one garda and he answered the door."

Garda Judy Davern was one of the four officers who helped the Power family on the night, and played a significant role in reassuring the expecting mother while they waited for the paramedics.

"Gda. Davern calmed me down and told me 'you are okay, I know what you are going through. You are fine you will get through this'. She just helped me to focus."

Jennifer delivered Senan shortly after being carried into the ambulance and was later transferred to Waterford University Hospital.