Paddy Jackson tells court alleged victim did not say "no" at any stage

Jackson says he has never been violent towards anyone

Paddy Jackson tells court alleged victim did not say "no" at any stage

Paddy Jackson. Picture by: Niall Carson/PA Wire/PA Images

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This article contains graphic details which some readers may find distressing

Paddy Jackson has told his trial there was no force involved in his sexual interactions with a woman who claims he raped her.

Taking to the stand today, he denied pushing the woman beyond what she was prepared to do.

He told the jury he got the impression she liked him and he liked her back.

The Ireland and Ulster rugby player has finished giving evidence in his defence of allegations of raping and sexually assaulting her in June 2016.

He denies both charges.

After a two-day adjournment due to a juror being unwell, the trial resumed this morning with Paddy Jackson being called to the stand.

He told the court he isn’t aggressive or violent and has never been in a fight or thrown a punch.

At a party back at his house following a night out in June 2016, he said he noticed the complainant looking at him so he smiled at her.

He said she twice followed him to his bedroom. He said they shared a “passionate” kiss the first time and claimed she performed oral sex on him the second time.

He denied using force at any point and said she seemed to be enjoying it.

He denied her claim that he tried to remove her trousers while they were kissing and said she didn’t say "no" at any stage during this first incident.

Mr Jackson said he was "shocked" when he received a call from his head coach two days later to say the police were looking for him and he said he had no idea what it was about.

The woman claims he tried to undo her trousers during a first visit to his bedroom where they shared a consensual kiss and that he raped her when she went back upstairs to get her bag.

He denies her version of events entirely and insists they didn't have sex. He said she performed oral sex on him after following him to his room for a second time. He said it wasn't forced and she seemed to be enjoying it.

When asked if it any point he believed her to not be consenting, he said “No” and denied meeting friends afterwards to come up with a lie.

Asked about another woman’s claim she walked in on him having sex with the woman, Mr Jackson said: "she’s wrong, she’s mistaken".

His Ireland and Ulster teammate Stuart Olding is also accused of raping her and two of their friends are also on trial for various offences arising from the same alleged incident.

Mr Jackson described Mr Olding coming in at one point and said the woman turned her attention to him and also performed oral sex on him.

Mr Olding denies one count of oral rape.

Mr Jackson said no force was used and the woman didn't seem upset when she left.

Under cross-examination, he denied having vaginal sex with her and when asked how he formed the opinion she was enjoying herself, he said: “She was doing it so she must have been.”

If you have been affected by anything mentioned in this article you can contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre National 24-Hour helpline on 1800 77 88 88.