Old Farts And Snowflakes

Are millennials really the most "put-upon" generation?

Harry McCann, MD of Trendster Media, joins Ivan to defend his generation.

Millennials: Denoting people reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.


Harry McCann has a problem with the fact that millennials are represented in the media as "snowflakes" obsessed with avocados and themselves. 


Referencing the current controversial British army recruitment campaign, McCann argues that "this is not the 'Me, Me, Me' generation."

The ads, which target young people interested in video games and smartphones, have been criticised by many, including McCann.

McCann states that millennials support "diversity, equality, freedom, rights" and that it may be jealously which fuels the animosity of older generations.

Ivan, however, has no sympathy for millennials, who he believes have been "wrapped in cotton wool".

"We're listening to them being the most put-upon generation and the most deprived generation when they are the best-educated generation of any."

Ivan Yates

Even Harry's father disagreed with him.

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