O'Sullivan under more pressure as fresh details emerge about Templemore

A dossier backs up the Garda HR chief's claims that the Commissioner knew about the issues before the PAC

New details have emerged which look set to put more pressure on the Garda Commissioner, over financial irregularities at the training college in Templemore.

The Irish Mail on Sunday has seen a dossier backing up Garda HR Chief John Barrett's evidence that Noirin O'Sullivan was aware of the issue of financial irregularities a month before she testified to the Public Accounts Committee.

Noirin O'Sullivan dismissed concerns about financial irregularities at the Garda College in Templemore, Co.Tipperary at a meeting in 2015. 

When it came to the two hour meeting she said "I would say from recollection and memory that it was very brief."

According to the dossier however, the meeting wasn't so brief after all with Gardai HR Chief, John Barrett saying it lasted for "well over" two hours.

Mr Barrett noted that the meeting started approximately at 5:20pm and he left around 7:37pm.

Another issue which arose from the meeting was The Garda Commissioner's claims that she couldn't see any evidence of misappropriation of funds. 

Meanwhile, Barrett said "I countered and raised my concern that material funds from the vote were not accounted for in the accounting process and continue to be managed and controlled outside the view of the Chief Financial Officer and the responsibility of the accounting officer."

PAC member, Labour's Alan Kelly said he wants a wider investigation into the Templemore controversy.