Number of British MPs applying for Irish passports in "double digits"

Over 6 million Britons are entitled to an Irish passport

Number of British MPs applying for Irish passports in "double digits"

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Applications for Irish passports among British members of parliament and the house of Lords is in the "double digits", according to a new report in The Times. 

The opportunity to acquire dual citizenship appears to becoming more attractive to Britons with Irish ancestry since the Brexit vote, with the ongoing uncertainty around the terms and potential new restrictions it will bring.

Applications have been increasing in recent months across the board from Northern Ireland to London. 

The move has drawn criticism from Tory MP Andrew Bridgen. The MP said: "If people are elected to represent the UK and now decide they want to be a foreign national then that’s a bit of a stab in the back for us."

"Perhaps they should also take a share of southern Irish debt. I think they should immediately stand down from the House of Commons if they have done that. They can then go and stand for the Irish senate instead,” he added.

The co-chair of the Vote Leave campaign Gisela Stuart indicated that this was an issue for Ireland as the host country. She said: "I think the whole issue is a deeply curious one but this is more a question for the host country — Ireland — than the individuals who make the deeply personal decision to switch."

The Labour MP added: "More than twice the population of Ireland are entitled to a passport if they want one, so that’s a challenge for them."

conservative estimate put the number of Britons entitled to an Irish passport at nearly 6.7 million, with over 51,000 applications made through the London embassy in 2015. That figure could increase dramatically over the coming months and years.