No campaigners claim they've received 'appalling' abuse online

Save the 8th was speaking as the referendum campaign enters its final days

No campaigners claim they've received 'appalling' abuse online

Niamh Ui Bhricuin. Photo: Sam Boal/

Save the 8th has said some of the abuse they have got from Yes voters online has been 'sickening and appalling'.

The No campaign group claims that most of the vitriol has been sparked by Yes campaigners.

The campaign also claims half of their posters around the country have been torn down.

Yes campaigners have also said they have had posters removed during the campaign.

Niamh Ui Bhriain, head of the Save the 8th campaign, says some of the abuse has been sickening.

She said: "I know John Connors, who is a well known actor and Traveller here in Ireland, posted on Facebook his support for the No vote in recent days... and he received the most extraordinary torrent of racist abuse.

"It's absolutely shameful to see it... and all of those people who are calling him ugly names [...] all had Yes 'twibbons' on their profile pictures."

Save the 8th held a press conference in Dublin this morning as both sides take part in the final days of campaigning this week ahead of Friday's vote.

Canvassers for both the Yes and No campaign were on the streets of the capital this morning.

Additional reporting by Stephen McNeice