Nigel Farage says "humiliated" Irish nation should leave the EU

He was speaking at a conference in Dublin calling for an 'Irexit'

Nigel Farage says "humiliated" Irish nation should leave the EU

Nigel Farage addresses the 'Irexit' conference in Dublin's RDS | Image:

Former UKIP leader and Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage says an Irish exit from the EU is a possibility.

Mr Farage was speaking at a conference calling for an 'Irexit' in Dublin on Saturday.

The event was attended by around 400 people at the RDS in the capital.

Among others in attendance were Anthony Coughlan from Trinity College Dublin, John Waters and Dr Karen Devine from Dublin City University (DCU).

Mr Coughlan claimed: "The EU is an institutional monstrosity that robs the peoples of Europe of their national democracy and national independence in the interest of powerful political, economic and bureaucratic elites that operate at supranational level but have their political acolytes and media groupies in every EU state."

Nigel Farage and John Waters at the 'Irexit' conference in Dublin's RDS | Image:

"Politically the EU is a Franco-German racket, an attempt by Berlin, with Paris holding on to its coat-tails, to dominate Europe by peaceful means, having failed to do that by brute force in World Wars I and II.

"By leaving the EU along with the UK and thereby preventing the addition of a whole new dimension to the North-South Border in a new partition of Ireland, we can take back control of our laws, our borders, our currency, our fisheries, our foreign policy and our neutrality. "

Mr Farage called for "Irexit" campaigners to "mobilise", despite opinion polls showing only about 10% of the public would back such a move.

He claimed Ireland's future lies outside the EU: "What on earth is going on in the politics of this country?

"How much more humiliated can the Irish nation be than for years being run by the Troika?".

Additional reporting: Jack Quann