New white National Lottery tickets to be rolled out

The company is expanding the number of outlets for players

New white National Lottery tickets to be rolled out


Doing the lotto and holding on to that green-coloured ticket is a staple for most of us.

But not for much longer.

The National Lottery has announced some retailers will now print its popular products on white paper.

"As part of our committed to making it as convenient as possible to play our games, we have teamed up with selected retailers nationwide to offer the National Lottery’s most popular products through the An Post Postpoint, Riposte & Payzone network", it says in a statement.

Games purchased through these networks will be printed as white tickets.

The company says these are produced on its Central Gaming System, and are as equally valid as traditional tickets.

The decision was made to change as the National Lottery is increasing the number and range of its outlets.

It expects that in excess of 1,000 outlets will participate over time.

It also says that all prizes up to and including €100 will be paid out by the retailer.

"For prizes between €101 and up to and including €2,500, the retailer’s terminal will provide an option for the retailer to pay out this prize. For prizes above €2,500, the retailers will not be able to validate the prize and customers will be referred to a Prize Claim Centre or to contact the National Lottery."

There will be no change in the price of tickets.