New traffic rules in place in Dublin city centre

Only taxis, bikes and buses can now turn right from Bachelors Walk to O’Connell Bridge

New traffic rules in place in Dublin city centre

Image: Sean Defoe

New traffic rules for cars in Dublin city centre have come into effect.

The changes have been in place since yesterday morning, but today is the first weekday with the new rules in place.

The rules give more priority to buses, taxis and bikes on the quays in the city centre.

As a result, private cars are no longer able to turn right from Bachelors Walk to O’Connell Bridge.

A new layout is in place between Ormond Quay Upper and Eden Quay - an extra bus lane is in effect, and general traffic has been reduced to one lane.

Newstalk's Sean Defoe, talking to Breakfast, reported from O'Connell Bridge.

He said: "There's a massive tailback for the last hour on the North Quays - if that's part of your journey, you'd want to leave plenty of time getting there.

"Obviously it's always busy in Dublin city centre every morning, even before these came in. But particularly where the two lanes merge... there is a bit of confusion about right of way."

He added: "This is in August - the schools aren't back yet. That will have a big impact on how this works in a couple of weeks time. I think it's going to be then we'll see the real test."