New 'summer uniform' design to be trialled at three Garda stations

The new design has been described as a "complete departure from what we have had"

New 'summer uniform' design to be trialled at three Garda stations

Image: Paul Quinn

A new Garda 'summer uniform' will be trialled across three Garda stations this summer.

The three-month pilot scheme will begin in July, at Henry St, Bunclody and Tallaght Garda stations.

The pilot design includes a t-shirt made of 'hybrid' breathable materials, alongside cargo-type 'utility' trousers.

Superintendent Liam White explained that feedback from members of the force will influence the final design.

He said: "[Frontline police] want a uniform that is fit for purpose, so this is what we have come up with for a pilot scheme.

"It's frontline personnel on the regular units that will be participating in the pilot, and it's the feedback that we will get from them that will go into - hopefully - determining what is going to be delivered in the next uniform contract."

He added: "[There's] definitely a lot of positive feedback, but like everything else it's new. It's a complete departure from what we have had over the years, or since the inception of An Garda Síochana."

"Ultimately it will be the people on the ground [...] who will feed back into it."