New report finds lack of Garda vetting in childcare services

Inspectors for Tusla reported safety issues in early year services

New report finds lack of Garda vetting in childcare services

Photo of a toddler playing with toys| Images: PA

A report from Tusla found ongoing problems around children’s safety and Garda vetting in early years services.

The report from the child and family agency found issues around the safety of children in 54% of services from a random sample of 500 inspection reports.

Cord blinds were particularly highlighted as a hazard to children’s safety and 35 specific instances were cited by inspectors.

The annual Early Years Inspectorate report found that 38% of childcare services were non-compliment in Garda vetting.

The report also found that 21% of services in the sample of 500 were also non-compliant in the area of health, welfare and development of the child.

Tusla’s director of quality assurance Brian Lee said the agency identified a lot of good practice but some areas clearly needed improvement. 

Speaking about the report’s findings he said "We are continuing to focus our inspection work on these areas of non-compliance and risk in services across the country to drive the highest possible levels of compliance and the best care and safety possible for children attending early years services."