WATCH: New project gives greater visibility to women's stories

The Female Lead has launched a multi-platform campaign

WATCH: New project gives greater visibility to women's stories

Image: YouTube/The Female Lead

A new project by a non-profit organisation to make women's stories more visible is hearing from some of the biggest names in the world.

The Female Lead is offering alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture.

Founded by entrepreneur Edwina Dunn, the project highlights the breadth of female achievement in order to offer inspiration for future generations.

It has created several ways to present these stories: including a book of 60 women from around the world, an online and social media presence, and an outreach programme for girls in schools.

The group says: "Despite huge advances, gender inequality remains a fact throughout the world affecting social, political and economic life.

"Women are paid less, underrepresented in government and media, and often still financially dependent on men.

The launch at the London Science Museum | Image via @female_lead on Twitter

"Research shows that an absence of accessible, inspirational role models is a barrier to developing successful, ambitious women.

"And we know from our work in schools that young women today truly feel that there is a lack of diverse women to look up to in popular culture.

"By telling stories of women from all backgrounds and careers, we aim to show girls all the ways in which they can find success and fulfilment."

The book was launched at the London Science Museum on Tuesday - which also included a discussion by key speakers, including international journalist Christiane Amanpour.

As part of the project, in-depth video interviews with each woman were shot by documentary-maker Marian Lacombe: