New poll suggests coalition will not be re-elected

Irish Times / IPSOS MRBI research shows further falls for Labour and no gains for Fine Gael

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Members of the public walk past a polling station sign in Dublin, less than one week before the Irish general election. Picture by: Niall Carson / PA Wire/Press Association Images

A new opinion poll suggests the coalition will not be re-elected when voters cast their ballots on Friday.

The survey for The Irish Times shows Fine Gael stagnant, Labour and Sinn Féin down and Fianna Fáil and Independents and others making gains.

In one of the final polls of the campaign, IPSOS MRBI surveyed 1,200 people last Friday and Saturday.

Compared to the previous poll two weeks ago, Fine Gael remain unchanged on 28%, Labour on 6% is down a point, meaning the coalition would not secure the 80 seats required to form a government.

Fianna Fáil go up two points to 23%, Sinn Fein on 15% go down four points, while Independents and others on 28%, go up three.

Within that, unaligned Independents are on 11%, the Independent Alliance on 4%, Social Democrats and PBP AAA on 3% each and Renua and the Greens are on 2% each.

In Dublin, Independents and Others command a significant 41% of the vote.

The most popular leader is Micheál Martin up eight points while Enda Kenny is unchanged from the last poll. Gerry Adams is up slightly while Joan Burton has fallen in the polls, despite the fact that one third of voters is satisfied with the coalition, up one point.