Vote for...Jrump? New mobile game shows post-apocalyptic world following US election

The satire is strong with this one

After the 2016 election, the world will be plunged into an unstoppable apocalypse that will ravage the entire planet and render humanity nothing more than a memory... or so says new mobile game Jrump.

According to the trailer, newly elected President Jrump has taken over America and made it great again, and now he's setting his sights even higher, by wanting to make the galaxy great.

How does he plan on getting up into space? By jumping on walls, of course.

Faux News (get it?) also shows that there are a few bosses to overcome along the way, all represented by recognizable democrats that Jrump has already defeated on his rise to power.

If you're at all interested in playing a world-destroying Tru- sorry, Jrump, then you can download it now for iOS and Android devices.