New iPhone update to show 'battery health' following slowdown controversy

Users will also be able to switch off the recently uncovered power management feature

New iPhone update to show 'battery health' following slowdown controversy

Picture by: Jaap Arriens/SIPA USA/PA Images

Apple says the next version of its mobile operating system iOS will have a new feature to show an iPhone's battery health.

Last month, the company confirmed some older iPhones include software which could slow the phones down if the batteries are becoming worn out.

As well as showing battery health, the new update - iOS 11.3 - will recommend if a battery needs to be serviced or replaced.

Users will now also be able to see if the controversial power management feature is on - and they will be able to turn it off if they want to. That feature will be available for iPhone 6 and 7 models.

While a developer preview of iOS 11.3 is already available, the new battery features will be introduced in a later beta build before the new version of the OS is made available for all users this spring.

Last month, the tech giant said the previously unconfirmed battery feature was designed to "avoid unexpected shutdowns", but also meant some users "may experience longer launch times for apps and other reductions in performance".

Apple has since apologised for the decision, saying the company has "never - and would never - do anything to intentionally shorten the life of any Apple product".

The company is facing class action lawsuits over the slowing down of phones, and has already slashed the price of replacement batteries to €29 in the wake of the controversy.