New group will examine rental laws to stop evictions

New legislation could prevent banks from evicting tenants...

New group will examine rental laws to stop evictions

Niall Carson / PA

Enda Kenny has established a group in the Taoiseach’s department to work on protecting renters forced out of properties repossessed by banks.

New proposals to introduce legislation to help renters were discussed during a meeting between Kenny and Focus Ireland last Friday.

Also on the agenda was social housing, support for children in temporary accommodation, and the inadequate rent supplementation.

While the make-up of the next government remains unclear, with Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin both expressing their desire for change, protective legislation appears to be very much in the pipeline regardless of the political shakedown.

In February, the number of properties available for rent nationwide fell to a 10-year low, with only 3,600 rented properties to be found on

Pressure is also on the new government to appoint a specific Minister for Housing, following the criticism previous Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly faced regarding his handling of the housing crisis.

While a number of homeless charities are in favour of it, Mike Allen, Focus Ireland advocacy director, has argued that a ministerial appointment is insufficient, with a dedicated team of civil servants required to deal with the issue.