New Zealand school girls told to wear longer skirts to 'create a good work environment for male staff'

Outcry from pupils due to the blame being placed on the females

image via The Telegraph

image via The Telegraph

Forty of the female students in Henderson High School in Auckland, New Zealand were called into an assembly to discuss the hemlines on the skirts of their uniforms.

According to students, their Deputy principal Cherith Telford reportedly told them to lower the hemline and make their skirts longer.

This was reportedly to 'keep our girls safe, stop boys from getting ideas and create a good work environment for male staff'.

"Henderson High School has rules relating to the wearing of school uniforms. These rules are not new and all families are made aware of them when they enroll. They include a stipulation that the hemline of female students' skirts must be on the knee, no higher. The uniform is practical for school wear and these rules are regularly enforced to ensure that all students can focus on their learning and feel comfortable in the school environment. As principal, I make no apology for insisting on high standards throughout the school and I have high expectations. That includes wearing the uniform according to the agreed rules".

A Henderson alumni took to Facebook in reaction: A former Henderson High student posted: 'How about you stop telling 15 year old girls - that aren't even legal to have sex - how sexual their knees are and how they need to cover themselves up because its a risk and distracting to male staff.'

The New Zealand edition of The Daily Mail spoke to some of the students in the school about the new rules on their specific uniforms: