New York Times answers Trump jibes with post-election subscriptions surge

The newspaper enjoys a record-breaking week following the US presidential election...

New York Times answers Trump jibes with post-election subscriptions surge

Image: Mark Lennihan / AP/Press Association Images

US President-elect Donald Trump might constantly refer to the publication as "failing", but his battle with the mainstream media might inadvertently have helped the New York Times gain supporters and subscribers.

The newspaper announced yesterday that 41,000 people had taken out print and digital paid subscriptions in the seven-day period following the US presidential election.

It marked its strongest week since introducing a digital pay model in 2011, with a "dramatic rate of growth" being recorded when compared with the week prior and and the same week a year previous.

Trump had made a point of attacking the media in general and the New York Times in particular during his campaign and has continued the online attacks since his victory...

The New York Times has defended its reporting, with president and CEO Mark Thompson saying in a statement:

"Our newsroom did exceptional work throughout the campaign and they have continued to provide our readers with penetrating and comprehensive coverage of the incoming administration.

"The result has been record-breaking audiences and tens of thousands of new subscribers – clear evidence of how much public demand there is for high quality, deeply reported, independent journalism. We will continue to deliver that journalism, without fear or favour, to our readers in America and around the world."

Talking to CNNMoney, executive editor Dean Baquet said:

"It pays to do real news at a time when there is so much fake news around."

While the title has added more than 100,000 net new digital subscriptions to date this quarter, it did reveal earlier this month that ad revenue is down 19%, resulting in an 8% drop in total advertising.