New Sydney ferry to be named 'Ferry McFerryface'

The local transport minister suggested the new vessel "will be a tourist icon"

New Sydney ferry to be named 'Ferry McFerryface'

Image: NSW Transport via Facebook

Officials in Sydney have confirmed a new ferry will be named Ferry McFerryface.

It comes after members of the public were asked to help name six boats for the Sydney Harbour fleet.

While the other boats will be named after two high-profile Aborigines and three medical doctors, both Boaty McBoatface and Ferry McFerryface also proved popular among voters.

Boaty McBoatface is the joke name that gained widespread international attention after members of the public were asked to name a British research vessel.

Despite Boaty winning the online vote in that case, officials vetoed the public's choice and named the ship after world-renowned naturalist David Attenborough instead.

However, an unmanned submersible vehicle was christened Boaty instead - with the craft earlier this year embarking on its first Antarctic mission.

The joke has also gained traction elsewhere, including in the form of prize-winning horse Horsey McHorseface.

For the new Sydney vessel, Boaty was ruled ineligible in light of the existing submersible - but officials ultimately gave the nod to Ferry McFerryface.

The decision sparked some criticism online, with some suggesting the joke was already tired, and others expressing embarrassment over the silly name.

New South Wales Transport Minister Andrew Constance, however, defended the move, saying "the people voted for it so we listened".

He told the Sunrise TV show: "It's going to be great for kids.

"I put it out to the community - the community had a say. Who am I to just kill it?"

He added: "This will be a tourist icon [...] I think just even having the name is fun."