Netflix testing "skip intro" button

Handy for those on a binge-watching session

Netflix testing "skip intro" button

Users can skip the intro of certain shows

Netflix is testing a button that allows users to skip the opening credits on certain shows. If you've watched House of Cards recently, for example, you may have noticed the small notification in the bottom right of the screen as the credits begin. 

This feature is, at present, only available to users watching on a web browser, rather than the app. 

A spokesperson for Netflix told The Verge, “We perform hundreds of tests every year to help make the Netflix member experience better."

Thumbs up

This is not the only change underway at Netflix HQ. The vice president of product, Todd Yellin, confirmed at a press briefing last week that the streaming service is set to ditch the 'five-star' rating system that is currently in place. 

“Five stars feels very yesterday now,” Yellin said. “We’re spending many billions of dollars on the titles we’re producing and licensing, and with these big catalogues, that just adds a challenge. Bubbling up the stuff people actually want to watch is super important.” 

It is thought the new system will commence in April.