Nearly half of Irish workers fear losing their jobs

We still haven't recovered from the recession...

Nearly half of Irish workers fear losing their jobs

File photo: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire/Press Association Images

A new report looking at the long-term effects of the recession has shown that most Irish people haven't felt the economic recovery yet.

Insurance company Aviva claims that while many of us acknowledge that the economy is improving, nearly half the workforce – some 45% – are still worried about losing their job. A further 40% are expecting a pay cut.

The report notes that there is "widespread insecurity among households about the extent of economic recovery...

"While many acknowledge a recovery in the general economy is underway, a majority say it has not benefited them personally and a significant number worry about holding on to their jobs."

Only 19% of the population surveyed said that they felt that the economic recovery had personally benefited them. 

The survey of 1,280 adults was conducted last month when public sector workers were threatening strike action as they sought improved pay. 

Ann O'Keeffe, an actuary with Aviva Life & Pensions, told Newstalk Breakfast:

"Only 9% of 55 to 64-year-olds said that they had felt an impact of the recovery, which is a really low number. I suppose you could just speculate that maybe these people, if you considered their age now, maybe 10 years ago had invested in things, maybe lost money, could be supporting younger kids as well as older parents at the same time..."

This figure was compared to the 26% of 18 to 44-year-olds who said they were experiencing the recovery. Belief was strongest in Dublin and Leinster. 

"There are people all over the country that don't feel comfortable in their jobs," O'Keeffe said of the overall picture.