Nearly 600 cyclists fined in first six months of new penalties

Cyclists can end up in court and face a €2,000 fine

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Nearly 600 cyclists received on-the-spot fines for cycling offences in the first six-months of the new penalty regime.

Fines were introduced for seven offences at the end of last July and 577 people were issued with a fine by the end of January.

According to the Irish Times, breaking red lights was the most common offence for which 330 fines were issued, 125 did not have a front or back light after dark and a further 70 people were found to be riding without due care and attention.

Notices unpaid after 28 days are raised to €60, and if this is not paid, cyclists can end up in court facing a €2,000 fine.

More than 20,000 fines were issued to speeding motorists during the same period.