Motorists using mobile phones while driving warned of major clampdown in coming days

Penalty points and a hefty fine is the expected punishment for those caught driving while using a mobile phone

Motorists using mobile phones while driving warned of major clampdown in coming days


Motorists who elect to use mobile phones while driving are being warned of a major clampdown in the coming days. 

An Garda Síochána revealed today that they are going to implement a 'targeted mobile phone operation' in an effort to uncover motorists holding or using a mobile phone while driving.  

Statistics say that an average of 76 people per day, were detected using a phone while driving last year, which represents the second highest rate of offence, recorded nationally. 

Gardai have issued a warning to drivers, saying cradling a phone as well as holding the device, is considered an offence. They also say that distracted driving, including talking or texting on a mobile phone, is a high risk activity and must be addressed.

According to a tweet published on the official Garda Síochána Twitter page, an offence of holding a mobile phone while driving carries a fixed charge notice penalty of three penalty points and a €60 fine.

Speaking about the operation, Chief Superintendent Aidan Reid said:

"We are announcing that there will be a targeted operation taking place over the next few days, but not announcing the exact dates. This is to give people an opportunity to modify their behaviour and put away that mobile phone."

"A mobile phone these days is a portable computer or office and there are a multitude of applications etc that can easily distract a driver whilst they should be focusing solely on driving."

He added:

"On average 76 people are detected every day for mobile phone offences."There are far more that aren’t, and every one of them is driving distracted, causing risk on the road for all road users.

"Our appeal, and why we are advertising this operation in advance, is for drivers to modify their driving. Switch off before you drive call, text or email is that important that you risk your or someone else’s life”.