Most annoying habits for Irish motorway drivers revealed

Male and female drivers saw the results a little differently

Most annoying habits for Irish motorway drivers revealed

Image: easytrip Ireland

Research has revealed what gets Irish motorists most annoyed while driving on motorways.

The study by easytrip found 62% get most annoyed when other motorists do not use their indicators.

Other engine-revving annoyances are driving too slow in the fast lane (59%), tailgating (56%) using a mobile phone while driving (55%) and throwing rubbish out the window (43%).

A similar 42% say they get annoyed when other drivers change lanes too often, while 40% got annoyed when other drivers do not merge correctly from the slip road onto the motorway.

When it comes to comparing the frustrations of men and women drivers, the results drove off in different directions.

Some 67% of female drivers get frustrated with motorists who drove too fast on the motorway.

This is closely followed by 61% getting annoyed with drivers that throw rubbish out the window.

Meanwhile male drivers show frustration with motorists driving too slowly in the fast lane (55%) and coming in a close second at 54% is their annoyance of middle lane hoggers.

Commenting on the results, CEO of easytrip Ireland Colin Delaney said: "Correct use of the motorway is vital for everyone’s safety.

"We’ve all heard of the saying that the ‘indicator must have come as an optional extra’ but it’s clearly the number one frustration for many motorists.

"It’s important that we alert other road users to our next move while driving and that means checking your mirrors and using your indicators when changing lanes.

"It can be stressful during busy peak times, particularly on the M50, but being respectful of our fellow motorists is of benefit to all."