More than half of Irish children don't know what a vegetable peeler is used for

The research reveals that children are not as well equipped for the kitchen as they should be.

New research shows that 59% of children cannot identify what a vegetable peeler is for, while 55% have never used one before.

The findings were revealed today at the launch of the fourth year of the Ben’s Beginners programme, which aims to encourage parents to involve their children in cooking daily meals.

The study also showed a disparity between parents’ understanding of their children’s cookery skills and children’s knowledge of kitchen basics.

While 82% of parents believe their children can identify and use common cooking utensils, four in ten children (38%) have never used a grater.

Two in ten (26%) have never used a knife or measuring jug and one in ten (12%) have never used a wooden spoon.

Parents do not cook regularly with their children at home, as one in three cook with their kids just once or twice a month, or less.

The Ben's Beginners programme is introducing 'Cook & Play' – a new, free online course designed to teach children and parents new skills.

The study was carried out by Ignite Research in September 2016 with 73 children aged 4-10 years and 416 parents.