Mobile phones worth €3m stolen since January 2015

Gardaí are telling people how to record their IMEI number, which will help in the event of a phone theft

Over 7,000 mobile phones have been stolen since the beginning of 2015 - most of them smart phones.

Gardaí say the combined value of those phones was almost €3 million.

Mobile phones are stolen in 60% of thefts and robberies, though numbers fell 5% last year. 

Most incidents happen between 10pm and 4am.

Gardaí are recommending that people should record the IMEI details of their smart phone.

In a campaign to coincide with St Patrick's Day An Garda Síochána si also warning people to beware of thieves and pickpockets.

On St Patrick's Day, there is usually a spike in these kind of robbery figures as crowds come together in close quarters. 

The importance of recording your IMEI number was highlighted recently when Gardaí in Galway recovered 15 mobile phones and were able to identify the owners.

A suspect has been arrested and charged in relation to the matter.

Recording IMEI number

The advice from gardaí is: 
1. Simply dial *#06#
2. A 15 digit number will appear on your screen
3. Take a screen shot of this number (this usually involves holding the power button and home button simultaneously, handsets may vary).
4. Email this picture to yourself, giving you a permanent record of this number.
Sergeant Courtney also provided personal safety advice for mobile phone owners.