Missed the 'SuperMoon'? It's visible for the next two nights

Astronomy Ireland have arranged for a 'Telescope Watch' event

Missed the 'SuperMoon'? It's visible for the next two nights

The moon rises behind cloud bands near Straussfurt, Germany | Image: Jens Meyer AP/Press Association Images

People have been raving about a 'SuperMoon' which was visible - and in some cases not so visible - in the sky on Monday night.

The moon shone extra bright - but the good news is it will be visible Tuesday and Wednesday night as well.

Astronomy Ireland say photos have been flooding in to them from all around Ireland of the record breaking SuperMoon, with some good breaks in the clouds.

But it is far from over with tonight giving an excellent view of the SuperMoon, and Wednesday predicted to be excellent also.

Astronomy Ireland magazine editor David Moore says the moon will only be 0.6% further away on Tuesday night than it was on 'SuperMoon Monday' - an amount that is imperceptible to the naked eye.

"This means that the Tuesday night moon, from dusk until dawn, will, to all intents and purposes look the same as the Monday night Moon", he said.

While the group say the brightest star in Taurus, called Aldebaran, will be just to the upper right of the moon.

Aldebaran is one of the brightest stars in the sky.

And the moon will only be 1.7% further away (357,832 km from Ireland) on Wednesday night.

A photo competition has been extended to include Wednesday night.

While a special 'Telescope Watch' to view the SuperMoon and Mars is being organised for the Leinster area on Wednesday night at Astronomy Ireland's headquarters.

A 'SuperMoon' occurs because the moon does not go around the Earth in a perfectly circular orbit, and its distance can vary by up to 14%.

The extra 'closeness' of 14% results in the moon being 30% brighter to the naked eye.

And the weather forecast? "Ignore the weather forecasts," says Moore.

"All you need is a break in the clouds and on Monday night I had several excellent views of the SuperMoon, and clouds, and rain, but I still got to see it in all its glory".