Minister for Children wants referendum on 8th Amendment "as soon as possible"

Minister Zappone took part in the March For Choice today

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Children's Minister Katherine Zappone is pictured at the launch of Ireland's Autism Registry | Image: Photocall Ireland

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs says she wants to see a referendum on a repeal of the 8th Amendment happen 'as swiftly as possible'.

Minister Zappone, who took part in today's March for Choice, is confident that the Government is able to deal with the issue of abortion.

Protestors marched from O'Connell Street to Leinster House calling for referendum on the 8th Amendment - which gives equal right to life to a fetus as to a pregnant woman - to take place.

A citizens' assembly will hold its first meeting - to consider the question of abortion - on Saturday the 15th of October.

Minister Zappone, says she wants to see a referendum to repeal of the 8th Amendment:

"It is happening now. I think it's really important, too. My own hope hope and commitment is that we will move as swiftly as possible in order to get people to vote, in order to we will lay the groundwork for a successful win."

Journalist and disability rights campaigner Louise Bruton addressed crowds at today's demonstration: