Michael O'Leary compares Brexit to "Dad's Army going off to war"

Ryanair chief bemused by UK government's "lunatic optimism"...

A fervent 'Remain' supporter in the run-up to the UK's Brexit referendum in June (just look at that suit), Ryanair's Michael O'Leary has reaffirmed his belief that Britain could "walk itself off a cliff" by leaving the EU.

Speaking at an airport operators conference in London yesterday, O'Leary claimed that the British government has approached the seismic political shift with "mildly lunatic optimism" and has, in reality, no idea what it's doing.

He said:

"If we get it wrong, I'm sure we'll come charging back into the UK with more aircraft and airports doing lower-cost deals. But frankly there's very little evidence apart from some mildly lunatic optimism over here that it will be all right on the night.

"It's like Dad's Army going off to war here. It'll be all right, Sergeant (sic) Jones.
"You'll just keep plodding along. These guys have no idea where they're going for the next two years and the problem is that in the absence of any discussions with Europeans on Brexit, they're all talking to themselves."

O'Leary had previously declared that he had "no faith" in politicians in Westminster and expects that "the world will want to screw" the nation in trade talks.

"He also told British investors that EU rules might force them to sell up post-Brexit – shareholders from non-EU companies are not permitted under EU rules to own more than 50% of an airline registered within the union.