Members of Defence Forces vote to accept new pay deal

PDFORRA said that it still expects to secure 'some further degree of restoration'

Members of Defence Forces vote to accept new pay deal

Picture by: Julien Behal/PA Archive/PA Images

A new pay deal has been accepted by members of the Defence Forces.

The Public Service Stability Agreement (PSSA) 2018-2020 - the successor to the Lansdowne Road agreement - tries to restore wages to pre-crash levels.

It will also return some of the allowances that were cut seven years ago.

PDFORRA - the association representing more than 6,500 soldiers, sailors and aircrew - confirmed members had ratified the new pay deal.

Troops, however, say they're still not being treated as well as other public servants and want access to the ICTU trade union.

PDFORRA General Secretary, Gerard Guinan, explained that they expect "engagement on those issues which remain outstanding", including restoration of some allowances.

He observed “The restriction on the ability of PDFORRA to affiliate to ICTU has consequences.

"These consequences were never more than obvious than in the manner of our treatment during talks, and the provisions in the enabling legislation relating to the consequences of being deemed 'non-covered public servants'."

He added: "PDFORRA expect, in the light of the conclusion of side deals by other unions, to secure some further degree of restoration to vital allowances."

The Minister with special responsibility for Defence welcomed PDFORRA's vote, saying it will bring "undoubted benefits to the members".

However, Paul Kehoe also admitted that there is a huge shortage of pilots in the air corps.

Speaking on Newstalk Breakfast, Minister Kehoe says he's been reassured by the chief of staff that they are able to carry out their duties.