WATCH: Interest in cosmetic procedures surges in Ireland

Ireland leads the way globally for the number of online searches for lip fillers

WATCH: Interest in cosmetic procedures surges in Ireland

File photo: A woman receiving botox injections. Image: allOver / TPH/DPA/PA Images

Doctors are reminding people to take care regarding where they go to get cosmetic work done.

It comes after research from Cork University Hospital (CUH) found that Irish people search for lip fillers more than any other nationality in the world.

The country is also third in the world when it comes to searching for botox online.

The research found a direct correlation between the number of people researching procedures and those who eventually had the work done - with a rise in demand leading to leading to a need for more plastic surgeons.

On Newstalk Breakfast, Jim Clover consultant plastic surgeon at CUH said information regarding the available procedures is now far more accessible to the public.

"I think that there is an increase in acceptability and people are much more able and happy to talk about their appearance - and potentially take steps to alter their appearance," he said.

"I think also these treatments have become much more widely available and are much more accessible."

He warned anyone considering a cosmetic procedure to ensure they attend a fully-trained practitioner in order to receive the highest level of care.

"With my hat on a plastic surgeon I have to stress the importance of making sure that if you are interested and looking out for anything that you do very good research yourself and have a look for an appropriately trained and appropriately practitioner to carry that out for you," he said.

According to the CUH research, 2017 marks the first time Ireland has topped the online search charts for lip fillers - with the UK showing more interest between 2004 and 2017.

When it comes to botox, Brazilians are most likely to consider getting work done, with the tropical island of St Helena coming in second and Ireland third.