McDonald's hopes to boost sales with new 'Grand' Big Macs

The US firm is trying to stay relevant as the fast food landscape changes...

McDonald's hopes to boost sales with new 'Grand' Big Macs

As part of its attempts to pull in hungry punters, McDonald's has released two new Big Macs in a number of regions.

If a regular Big Mac never fully satisfied you, the US firm has created the Grand Big Mac. It sees the original two beef patties swell to weigh over one-third of a pound. It comes on a larger bun and features all the usual Big Mac trimmings.

You might need to work up an appetite before indulging in a giant Grand Big Mac - it packs 860 calories. Paired with large fries (570 cal) and a large Coca Cola (310 cal) that would bring your meal to 1,740 cal.

It launched with the slogan, "You're gonna need two hands."

For those looking for something lighter - it's also brought out the Mac Jr, a single patty version of the classic burger.

The range was trialed in Texas and Ohio and is now being rolled out across the US, although there is no word on a Irish release.

This move comes at a time when McDonald's has lost market share in many regions.

Its other efforts to pull in customers have included all-day breakfast menus in a number of regions, table service, and the option to 'build your own burger.'

"The reality is, our recent performance has been poor," McDonald's President and CEO Steve Easterbrook said in mid-2015.

"The numbers don't lie. Which is why, as we celebrate 60 years of McDonald's, I will not shy away from resetting this business," he continued - before pledging to transform it into a, "Modern progressive burger company."

Its latest quarterly results suggested that its efforts are starting to pay off.