PICTURES: 112-year-old Masazo Nonaka is named oldest living man

He enjoys watching TV, reading newspapers and indulging in sweets

PICTURES: 112-year-old Masazo Nonaka is named oldest living man

Masazo Nonaka | Image via @GWR on Twitter

The Guinness World Records has named the oldest living man in the world.

Masazo Nonaka (112) from Hokkaido, Japan was presented with his certificate, and a celebratory cake.

He takes the title after Francisco Nuñez-Olivera, from Spain, passed away in January aged 113.

Mr Nonaka was born on July 25th 1905: over a year before the Wright Brothers celebrated the first power-driven flight and just months before Einstein published his Theory of Relativity.

Image via @GWR on Twitter

He has seven brothers and one sister who live nearby, and his already large family grew further after he married Hatsuno in 1931, going on to have five children.

Mr Nonaka now spends his retirement watching TV, sumo wrestling in particular, reading newspapers and indulging in sweets and cakes.

He also likes to spend time with his family, either at home or in their B&B, and their two cats called Kuro and Haru.

Image via @GWR on Twitter

Although Mr Nonaka believes his longevity is down to soaking in hot springs and eating sweets, his daughter thinks otherwise.

She says it is because he lives his life in a way that does not bring him stress.

If he doesn't want something, he will make sure everyone knows about it, she says.


Image via @GWR on Twitter

The 112-year-old was presented with his official record certificate and a cake on Tuesday, to which he replied "yum."

His record was confirmed following an extensive research and evidence review process by Robert Young, Guinness World Records’ senior consultant for gerontology and the co-director for the Gerontology Research Group.

The record holder for the oldest man ever was also Japanese. Jiroemon Kimura was born on April 19th 1897 and died aged 116 years in June 2013.

However, the all-time record for the oldest person ever is held by Jeanne Louise Calment from France - who lived 122 years 164 days, from 1875 to 1997.

Guinness World Records is currently investigating title holders for the oldest living woman, as no one has taken this title since 117-year-old Violet Brown passed away in July 2017.