Markievicz, the Great War, and capital punishment in independent Ireland

A look at some of the best new history books

It has come to that time of the month again when 'Talking History' and Patrick Geoghegan bring you some great history book recommendations. With Christmas just around the corner this is a great opportunity to find that especially elusive gift.

Opening the show Patrick talks with Lindie Naughton about her new biography of the iconic Irish rebel, Countess Markievicz.

Delving into the darker side of Irish history Patrick talks with Colm Wallace about his account of capital punishment in independent Ireland and those who were Saved From the Gallows.

It's incredible what forces can shape history, yet literal seismic events are often overlooked. Patrick talks with Andrew Robinson about his study of how earthquakes have impacted on human history.

The show ends with Ronan McGeevy's exploration of the Western Front and the memorials erected across Europe to the Irishmen who served and died there.