Mairia Cahill calls on Mary Lou McDonald to meet over alleged IRA and Sinn Féin sexual abuse cover-up

Ms Cahill claims the IRA held a "kangaroo court" rather than report the matter to the police

A woman who claims the IRA covered up and failed to report her alleged rape and sexual assault by a leading republican has called for Mary Lou McDonald to meet with her.

Speaking to Newstalk Lunchtime Mairia Cahill , who says she was subjected to an internal IRA investigation, claims Gerry Adams knew about her situation and met with her but failed to report the matter to authorities.

Mr Adams says he 'totally refutes' some of the allegations made by Ms Cahill, in particular comments she's attributed to him.

A man was acquitted of the abuse charges earlier this year, while other men charged in connection with the alleged IRA questioning of Ms Cahill were also found not guilty.

In her first Irish radio interview Ms Cahill says she would welcome a meeting with Sinn Féin's Mary Lou McDonald.

Meanwhile, Sinn Féin’s Deputy President Mary Lou McDonald says she’ll meet Gerry Adams later to discuss allegations made in a BBC TV programme.

Gerry Adams says he ‘totally refutes’ the allegations about a meeting he had with a woman - who claims she was sexually assaulted by an IRA member, and subjected to an in-house investigation.

Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald says she’ll discuss the matter with her Party President - but says it’s already been dealt with in court.

Mr Adams, in an interview with RTÉ Radio 1 this afternoon, stated that he never met with Mairia Cahill specifically about the sexual assault claim and that she didn't speak to him about the supposed "kangaroo court".

When asked if she ever discussed it with Adams, he replied: "No. Never."

Adams also claimed in the interview that she never named the rapist.