Man spends years correcting same grammatical error 47,000 times on Wikipedia

Bryan Henderson has declared war on the phrase 'comprised of'

One man has spent years waging a covert war against the forces of poor grammar.

Bryan Henderson, 51, a software engineer known as Girrafedata on Wikipedia, has taken the time to make 47,000 corrections on the site - all regarding the phrase 'consists of.'

Henderson argues that the phrase is a result of confusion between 'comprised' and 'composed of,' explaining his case here (in only 6,000 words.)

The first edits by Giraffedata were made in 2007 and after many nights of corrections, the account is now one of the most prolific editors on the site.

Other users have argued against his grammatical argument, one even reverting the edits, but Henderson, speaking to, explains that he remains undeterred:

"I really do think I’m doing a public service, but at the same time, I get something out of it myself.

"I don’t have any plans to quit, but I guess eventually, I’ll have to find a way.

"It’s hard to walk away, especially when I’ve actually accomplished something."