All 12 Thai boys and their coach rescued from flooded Thai cave

"12 wild boars and their coach are out of the cave"

All 12 Thai boys and their coach rescued from flooded Thai cave

An ambulance taking the eighth rescued boy moves to a local hospital in Chiang Rai, Thailand, 09-07-2018. Image: Rachen Sageamsak/Xinhua News Agency/PA Images

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Thai Navy SEALs have confirmed that all 12 boys and their football coach who were trapped in a flooded cave complex have now been rescued.

It is over two weeks since rising waters trapped the group deep in the cave complex in the north of the country.

Witnesses at the scene said two people were rescued from the cave before 11am Irish time.

A third person was also carried out a short time later - and Thai Navy SEALs confirmed before 1pm that the entire group had been rescued.

Three SEALs and a doctor remained in the cave having earlier joined the trapped group, but it was confirmed this afternoon that they had also emerged safely.

Four of the boys were rescued yesterday, after an initial four left the cave on Sunday. 

Officials have said all of the rescued boys are in good health, despite their two weeks underground.

Thai Navy SEAL announcement: 12 wild boars and their coach are out of the cave. Everyone is safe. Now we are waiting to pick up four frogs. Hooyah

However, the group is now being assessed in hospital, and will be kept in isolation for up to a week.

Concerns have been raised the trapped youngsters may have consumed contaminated water, while bird or bat droppings could cause infections.

The hospital has sent test samples from the boys to a lab in Bangkok.

Two of the boys are also being examined for potential lung problems, according to reports.

Rescue attempt

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier tweeted from the rescue site after apparently arriving with a prototype mini-sub he hoped could help with the rescue.

The serial entrepreneur offered to help “if there is a way to do so” when contacted by a Twitter follower.

Engineers from SPaceX and the Boring Company travelled to the area last Friday.

This morning, the head of the rescue mission Narongsak Osotthanakorntold reporters that the submarine was appreciated but not practical.

"Even though their equipment is technologically sophisticated, it doesn't fit with our mission to go in the cave," he told the BBC. "The equipment they brought to help us is not practical with our mission."

It has emerged in recent days that the boys decided, along with the doctor, who should go out with the rescuers first.

The boys were exploring the caves on June 23 with their coach when they were trapped inside by heavy seasonal rains. They were eventually found on July 2nd.

Additional reporting by Stephen McNeice and IRN