WATCH: Misprint redirects social welfare calls to phone sex line

Officials say the number is off by one digit

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Image: Facebook/Lj Langelier

Some people in the US state of Maine were in for a shock when they rang a helpline for their social welfare benefits.

When calling a phone number on the back of their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card, some customers were directed to a phone sex line instead.

An EBT is an electronic system that allows US welfare departments issue benefits via a payment card.

The number listed on the back of some of the cards was off by one digit.

The number on the cards in question is 1-800-447-7428, while the correct number to call is 1-800-477-7428.

A Maine government spokesman told the Sun Journal: "The defect has been corrected on all new EBT cards being issued."

"We have a plan in place to replace all existing defective cards and have taken additional steps to strengthen our review process so this type of inadvertent error does not occur again."

One man who uses the card, LJ Langelier, shared a video of his call on Facebook: