Petition calls for protection of 'last remaining, fully intact' Magdalene laundry

Mannix Flynn says the property contains industrial heritage items

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An online petition is asking the public to help save what is being described as the last remaining fully intact Magdalene laundry.

The petition, set up by Independent Councillor Mannix Flynn, says the property in Dublin's Donnybrook area is up for sale by a private owner.

"This is a unique opportunity to protect and preserve a hidden past, a dark secret that only came to light through recent public inquiry, but is still ongoing", Mr Flynn says.

"This is not about our historic past, it is about our present now, and a future understanding of ourselves and our society".

He says the site, which is totally intact, "has the essence to transform those who see it and witness it and enlighten them into what happened and what befell the many women and young girls who passed through its doors".

Mr Flynn adds that the property contains all industrial heritage items - from woven baskets, to religious iconography, wash basins, ledgers and machinery.

The petition is seeking 2,500 signatures.