Lunchtime Live's Top 5 Podcasts of 2018

Ciara Kelly and the team choose their favourite podcasts

Lunchtime Live

Lunchtime Live

We asked the Lunchtime Live team to pick their top 5 podcasts for 2018.

1. Mary O'Rourke on loneliness

Former Government Minister Mary O'Rourke tells Ciara about the realities of loneliness.

2. Fifth-class girls and the sexist Irish workbook.

Student Lola Mundow Polly, and her teacher Kathy Kelly, speak to Ciara about how the students had a sexist Irish workbook changed by the publisher.

3. Women are taking three drinks every day

Recovering alcoholic Samantha Kelly tells Ciara about her struggles with drink.

4. Irish Accents

Newstalk's own Ciara Courtney discusses the issue with having a strong accent and why we should celebrate the different accents we have across the island of Ireland.

5. Stigma around being an only child

Writer Joanna Pocock talked about how a mother told her that having one child was tantamount to child abuse. Psychotherapist Peader Maxwell and callers got involved.