Travellers at Louth halting site face eviction today

Talks with Louth County Council ended without conclusion

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Woodlands Park via Google Earth

Traveller families at a halting site in Co Louth face eviction today.

Last night, talks between the residents at Woodland Park and Louth County Council ended without conclusion.

It is understood the families are unhappy with the short-term rented accommodation being proposed by the local authority.

However, Louth County Council says it will work with them on long-term arrangements.

The decision was taken to evict the families after a fire safety inspection.

Their solicitor, Eleanor Kelly, said yesterday they want to remain there until a permanent solution is found.

"Because they have been there for nearly a year - and various council representatives have come in and out over the months - they kind of got mixed messages and felt that they were going to be allowed to stay there" she said.

"So their lives are all over the place at the moment; they can't even think straight - they're under so much pressure to sort themselves out" she added.

Sinn Féin has criticised the eviction decision and says the council should refurbish the old site, since it has no relocation plan in place.

Travellers rights group, Pavee Point, has condemned moves to evict those living at the site.