Louis CK launches his own app to let you buy his comedy specials

The comedian has been selling his own videos through his website

Louis CK launches his own app to let you buy his comedy specials

Picture by Brad Barket AP/Press Association Images

He appears as one of comedy’s biggest grumps, but Louis CK also continues to be one of its leading innovators when it comes to selling his content. And now he’s leading the way again by releasing an app that lets you buy all his shows.

The app, simply called Louis CK, is essentially a mobile version of his website’s store where he sells all his own standup specials as well as other shows he created such as the sitcom Horace and Pete.

Louis CK's new app

Getting video files on your mobile device can be a bit of a pain sometimes, especially if you’re never sure about which video format is which. This app will now make it completely painless to watch Louis CK’s videos anywhere you go.

The videos range from €1.99 to €4.99 in price. If you’re a regular purchaser of his work, then you can just sign in with your account details you already have for his website and you’ll get access to all the past videos you bought too. You also get push notifications when he announces new tour dates or new shows.

It’s a surprisingly easy but smart move from Louis CK. When he was fed up with having to deal with middle men in the form of distribution companies, he started selling his content himself, and it worked really well. This is the logical next step for CK, and now hopefully other hugely popular comedians and content creators follow suit.

The Louis CK app is available on iOS and Android now.